Helpful Questions & Answers

  • Do I need to cover insurance?

    No you don’t need to arrange your own insurance, we have you covered!

  • What payment methods do you except?

    We accept payment via EFT or Bank Cheque with payment due on delivery.

  • How long do the screens display?

    Our screens rely on solar and can run up to 16 hours a day.

  • Do we need electricity?

    No our trailers are fully self sufficient and rely on solar and battery as a backup so you don’t get any nasty power bills.

  • Where do you deliver and setup your trailers?

    We deliver free of charge anywhere up to 200 km from Adelaide CBD. Outside of this area can be discussed.

  • How quickly can you set up?

    Our trailers can be set up within 10 minutes of us arriving, the screens are ready to display your content as soon as we are in position that we have created for your event, promotion, sale, or branding.

  • What is the minimum hire?

    We supply these trailers for hire from a minimum period of 1 day up to a year…

  • Do we need to supply the graphics?

    It’s up to! we can design, setup and display the graphics for you or you can send us your own.

  • Are LED Screens Weather Proof?

    All outdoor screens are specifically designed to stand harsh outdoor temperatures, rain, hail or snow. We provide screens that are IP65 rated for weather. These screens are designed to withstand the Australian weather conditions.

  • What is LED Screen?

    LED screens have been around us for many years now, built with clusters of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are combined together in a sequence to make a LED screen. With combination of red, green and blue the basic colors they are controlled by the electronic control systems to display high resolution imagery. The LED’s are used in variety of ways – in screens, lighting and many other devices.

    LED’s are highly efficient in making light from small voltages, have long life, are Eco-Friendly and much easier to control. We love LED’s!

  • How do you control the screen?

    The LED Screens can be controlled remotely. There are many variations of technology that are used to send the imagery to the screens remotely We use 3G network technology to connect and upload the image files. The internet can be used to connect to the screen. There are proprietary software or generic software such as LED Studio that are used to program the screens.

    One can use a desktop or a laptop using internet or some other connectivity to connect and upload the image files to the screen.

  • What is the Pixel Size and Viewing Distance?

    The term Pixel Pitch is a distance between the center of two adjacent LED’s. e.g. P10 pixel pitch LED screen would have a 10MM distance between the two cluster of LED’s. Each cluster of LED would consist of three RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED’s in a conventional screen and same applies for the SMD screen.


    Viewing distance is the minimum distance from the screen for optimal viewing; P10 screen would have 10 Mts of minimum viewing distance and so on.

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We hire folding LED signs mounted to trailers making them mobile, customisable & suitable for many different functions. Increase your businesses branding, sales messages and visual communication instantly. Our signs are solar powered and ready to use anywhere at anytime.

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